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Commercial Equipment Liquidators (CEL) will seek to obtain the highest return on your commercial equipment portfolio. We have over eight years experience in both voluntary and involuntary asset recovery. Additionally, we have over twenty years experience in the transportation industry. CEL can recover, secure, and sell a wide array of your commercial equipment portfolio. From small excavators to the largest dozers, from Class A trucks to the most specialized trailers in the market, you can depend on our qualified team to get the job done.  

CEL can offer our clients either of two options:

  •  We will pick up your equipment anywhere in the country, and relocate it to one of our seven secured drop yards. These licensed and bonded sites are strategically located across the country. This provides you the best opportunity to sell the equipment at your preset price.

  • We provide storage at no cost to you. If you are under a deadline, and need immediate funding, we will buy the equipment where it sits.  


Why use CEL?

  • Tightly controlled and a proven process
  • Years of experience and expertise in voluntary and involuntary asset recovery
  • Nationwide service
  • Recover, Secure, Sell
  • No storage charges
  • Secured yards across the country  

Contact Information:
Fax: 901.755.8652
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